Meduza as she appear at first.




Unknown(but more that 50 years)




Yoo Da-in(son)

She was believed to be the most dangerous female vampire and mother of Yoo Da-in. She was pregnant for 30 years, in slumber, in which she was giving her power to her child. Later, after his birth ,she died. Vampires believed that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.


She has honey colored wavy hair, kept at thigh length. She was implied to have green eyes like her son did. Her clothes differ everytime, it depends on what her son wears.


Medusa is for the most part narcissistic, mocking her opponents at every chance possible, while being playful even in the midst of battle. She was a very vengeful woman, one of her notorious traits, having did everything she could've in her powers to kill Seo Gang Min, even going as far as nearly ruining her son's life. She was often arrogant, and loves to challenge her opponents, believing that no one could defeat her. She does have a caring side underneath it all, this was shown in the form of her concern for Da-in. In the memories shown by Gang Min, she also has a stubborn side, never fully agreeing with Gang-Min and had opposed his opinions a few times. She was forceful, as seen in the manga when she had forced a woman to trade clothes. This also show her slightly compassionate side where she 'comforted' the woman, saying that she'll give her her clothes in return. She was always in the spotlight, everything she does had caught many attentions. This shows that she cares very little for dignity, kissing Seo Ji-Hoo in public and had stripped for Kang-Hoo and his brother to see.


The battles she had fought in were short and so, her abilities could not be fully interpreted. In the manga, she was able to defeat her enemies - high level vampires - quickly. This shows that her physical abilities and agility is very high - far surpassing many other vampires, abnormal even. Her eyes have the ability to stun those that looks at her. Though it was not a special ability, it was her beauty that captivated men. Women most likely would not be affected by her. She possessed high powers because she had fed on Seo Gang Min's blood. He had also taught her martial arts and swordmanship. Which she was both adequate in.


he started making her presence known after Yoo Da-in fell from a high building. She was seen attacking several other people. She later attended Seo JI-hoo's party and had disrupted it. Seeing that she appears when Yoo Da-in is hurt, Seo Ji-hoo used that to catch her. When Yoo Da-in drinks poison and Seo Gang Min saves her giving to her his blood, she woke up and pretends to be Yoo Da-in and tries to bite him. Medusa later revealed her desire to get her revenger on Seo Gang MIn. Even going as far as to make a pact with other vampires. Finally knowing the truth from Seo Gang Min, she released her hold of her son and her spirit left. She was last seen holding hands with Seo Gang MIn after death, walking away, truly happy and contented.