Suh Hwa









Appearance Edit

Long wavey hair that is done up in two bun's in the front loose in the back.

Personality Edit

The opposit of Suh Ryung, She gets angry easily. Is totally jealous of Jang Seo Wool's fake girlfriend Yoo Da Young (Who is really Yoo Da-in) She is also stubborn and is Seo Wool's stalker.

Slight History Edit

Suh Hwa first appears when Seo Wool introduces his "Fake" girlfriend to her just to try and get her to stop bugging him. However, that does not work and it doesn't take her and her brother long to figure out Yoo da-Young does not exist. She is at first real hateful toward Da-in and supects he is keeping a secret. (Which she was right) Later she gets put on the spot when Seo Wool begs her to make him a vampire so he can protect Da-in a lot better. At first she agrees, believing that Seo Wool is suffering and will go crazy if she don't. However Suh Ryung smacks some sense into her and she turns down Seo Wool's request.

She goes after Seo Wool when he runs off only to find he has been bitten. After some begging to her brother Seo Wool is saved from dying and is now to be watched over by her and her brother. She seems alright with this even though Seo Wool had no feelings of love towards her.