Suh Ryung

Appearance: He has short black hair and looks to be about between 16-18 years old.

Personality: He seems to be the more logical one between him and his twin sister Suh Hwa. He also is very nice even to Da-in even though his sister is afraid that if they are seen with him then somehow they might get involved in some kind of fight.

Slight History: I don't know his past but Ryung is almost always with his sister. He is the first one to stop his sister from trying to turn Jang Seo Wool into a vampire since his chances are near impossinle. Later he gives his blood to a dying Seo Wool even though that is Taboo. Humans that are turned to vampires like that eventually become a blood thristy demon that cannot control it's thrist. It is also him and his sister who lock Seo Wool in a cage when he begs them to do so. Now he and Suh Hwa are watching over Seo Wool.